Ciao, I'm Maria

I am a Product Design professional with 10+ years experience working across B2B and B2C products and platforms. Currently, I work as a Product Lead at MiQ focusing on Design System adoption and improving the usability of internal applications. I also like to bake, play tennis, and do some Python scripting.


Top Jobs

MiQ, London

2016 - Now | Product Lead

Leading a 30+ team, made of developers, product managers and designers, focused on creating extensible APIs to be used internally for data management in the programmatic advertising space. Most recently moved to work more closely for the design team, managing Fiber Design System and supporting with UX work and big and small features alike., London

2015 - 2016 | Product Manager

Set up a remote schema ( repository that reduced time to data from 3 to 1 week. Launched the first Enterprise customer dashboard and much more.

Privax, London

2013 - 2015 | Project and Product Manager

Set up a working Agile framework and worked as project manager, and then as product manager for all HideMyAss properties, such as website, customer portal, iOS and Android app, Mac and Windows desktop applications. HideMyAss is a world renown VPN provider. It was acquired by AVG back in 2015 for £40M.

Google, Dublin

2010 - 2013 | Product Support Manager

I was leading in a 8+ international team with the focus of providing the best support possible for Google Search users, and represent their voice to product managers in Mountain View.


Diplomas and Degrees

Caledonian University, Glasgow

2020 - 2021 | UX Design Diploma with 88%

UX Design diploma with full certification, working on a Mobile app project. Check out the case study of Fly UX app.

LUISS Guido Carli, Rome

2006 - 2008 | Management of Innovation with 110 cum laude/110 = 4.8 GPA

Master in General Management with minor in Management of Innovation, focusing on Intellectual Property Rights, Economics of Innovation and Design process.

Federico II University, Naples

2002 - 2006 | Business Economics with 110/110 cum laude = 4.8 GPA

Bachelor Degree in Business Economics, focusing on accounting, macro and micro economics theory, financial math, business strategy. My dissertation was on marketing and brand equity.


My approach to Product Design


I always starts asking questions about the problem and how we will measure success. Once those details are defined, I take care of writing scenarios and clarify success metrics before starting.


Analysing the outcome of the research always uncovers key insights that can be the basis of the design. User journey mapping, Empathy mapping, Affinity Diagrams are all part of the toolkit of this phase.


I like to summarise all my findings and recommendations, and then start with some research into design patterns, and new trends. I then go on, to sketch a couple of differentc concepts, and quickly get feedback from stakeholders to narrow down the solution.


If working on an existing product, I start with testing the current design, and then the new designs. Only after success criteria are met, I feel the project can move on.


I address every single aspect of the design, in extreme detail. I like to make sure all aspects of the user flow are documented, before they are handed over to other designers or developers.


Whether I develop the designs myself, or hand them over to a developer, I like to keep everything documented for future reference.

Case Studies

Selected Works

Fly UX Mobile App

UX Design

For my UX Diploma with Caledonian University and UX Design Institute I researched, designed and prototyped a mobile application for a fictional Airline: Fly UX.

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Interview App

UX Design

One of my most recent projects, was to create a web app to help Solutions Engineer run stakeholder interviews, score them, and reference back the results.

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Cancellation Flow

25% churn reduction

A small percentage of users were cancelling their VPN subscription, but we did not know why. We had to get visibility of the motivations behind user churn, fast.

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