Churn Buster


Churn at HMA! at the time, was around 12 - 15%, but users unsubscribing were not asked to give a reason. This was putting us in the dark, as to what to improve.

The Challenge

We wanted to learn what could be improved, we also wanted to highlight all the benefits that may be lost if they proceeded with the cancellation of the subscription. Achieving all this, without exasperating the user was the real challenge.


There was only one place where users could unsubscribe, so I designed a first version of the user flow, so that they would tell us the reason for cancelling, and at the same time we would give them some pointers on the benefits they were missing. After the first prototype was created, we published it for a subset of users and I scoured our support channels to see the reaction.


The most relevant insights resulting from the limited launch of the flow were that:

Next action was unclear In the first version, it was not very clear what the user had to do to move forward. The positioning of the ‘Next’ buttons were not optimal.

Wording was complicated Some of the benefits listed had a complicated wording, that some users could not understand.


After this first limited test, we proceeded to improve the flow and publish the final version to the general public. After 3 months 100% of cancellations had a reason associated, and the churn was down by 25%.